Data Fields for Triggers and usage in Create and Update Actions

idintegerUnique identifier for the resource.YesNo
namestringProduct name.YesYes
slugstringProduct slug.YesYes
permalinkstringProduct URL.YesNo
date_createddate-timeThe date the product was created, in the site’s timezone.YesYes
date_modifieddate-timeThe date the product was last modified, in the site’s timezone.YesNo
typestringProduct type.YesYessimplesimple, grouped, external, variable, booking, subscription, variable-subscription
statusstringProduct status (post status).YesYespublishdraft, pending, private, publish, future
featuredbooleanFeatured product.YesYesfalse
catalog_visibilitystringCatalogue visibility.YesYesvisiblevisible, catalog, search, hidden
descriptionstringProduct description.YesYes
short_descriptionstringProduct short description.YesYes
skustringUnique identifier.YesYes
pricestringCurrent product price.YesNo
regular_pricestringProduct regular price.YesYes
sale_pricestringProduct sale price.YesYes
date_on_sale_fromdate-timeStart date of sale price, in the site’s timezone.YesYes
date_on_sale_todate-timeEnd date of sale price, in the site’s timezone.YesYes
price_htmlstringPrice formatted in HTML.YesNo
on_salebooleanShows if the product is on sale.YesNo
purchasablebooleanShows if the product can be bought.YesNo
total_salesintegerAmount of sales.YesNo
virtualbooleanIf the product is virtual.YesYesfalse
downloadablebooleanIf the product is downloadable.YesYesfalse
downloadsarrayList of downloadable files.YesYes
downloads –> idstringFile ID.YesYes
downloads –> namestringFile name.YesYes
downloads –> filestringFile URL.YesYes
download_limitintegerNumber of times downloadable files can be downloaded after purchase.YesYes-1
download_expiryintegerNumber of days until access to downloadable files expires.YesYes-1
external_urlstringProduct external URL. Only for external products.YesYes
button_textstringProduct external button text. Only for external products.YesYes
tax_statusstringTax status.YesYestaxabletaxable, shipping, none
tax_classstringTax class.YesYes
manage_stockbooleanStock management at product level.YesYesfalse
stock_quantityintegerStock quantity.YesYes
stock_statusstringControls the stock status of the product.YesYesinstockinstock, outofstock, onbackorder
backordersstringIf managing stock, this controls if backorders are allowed.YesYesnono, notify, yes
backorders_allowedbooleanShows if backorders are allowed.YesNo
backorderedbooleanShows if the product is on backordered.YesNo
sold_individuallybooleanAllow one item to be bought in a single order.YesYesfalse
weightstringProduct weight (kg).YesYes
dimensionsobjectProduct dimensions.YesYes
dimensions –> lengthstringProduct length (cm).YesYes
dimensions –> widthstringProduct width (cm).YesYes
dimensions –> heightstringProduct height (cm).YesYes
shipping_requiredbooleanShows if the product need to be shipped.YesNo
shipping_taxablebooleanShows whether or not the product shipping is taxable.YesNo
shipping_classstringShipping class slug.YesYes
shipping_class_idstringShipping class ID.YesNo
reviews_allowedbooleanAllow reviews.YesYestrue
average_ratingstringReviews average rating.YesNo
rating_countintegerAmount of reviews that the product have.YesNo
related_idsarrayList of related products IDs.YesNo
upsell_idsarrayList of up-sell products IDs.YesYes
cross_sell_idsarrayList of cross-sell products IDs.YesYes
parent_idintegerProduct parent ID.YesYes
purchase_notestringOptional note to send the customer after purchase.YesYes
categoriesarrayList of categories.YesYes
categories –> idintegerCategory ID.YesYes
categories –> namestringCategory name.YesNo
categories –> slugstringCategory slug.YesNo
tagsarrayList of tags.YesYes
tags –> idintegerTag ID.YesYes
tags –> namestringTag name.YesNo
tags –> slugstringTag slug.YesNo
imagesarrayList of images.YesYes
images –> idintegerImage ID.YesYes
images –> date_createddate-timeThe date the image was created, in the site’s timezone.YesNo
images –> date_modifieddate-timeThe date the image was last modified, in the site’s timezone.YesNo
images –> srcstringImage URL.YesYes
images –> namestringImage name.YesYes
images –> altstringImage alternative text.YesYes
attributesarrayList of attributes.YesYes
attributes –> idintegerAttribute ID.YesYes
attributes –> namestringAttribute name.YesYes
attributes –> positionintegerAttribute position.YesYes
attributes –> visiblebooleanDefine if the attribute is visible on the “Additional information” tab in the product’s page.YesYesfalse
attributes –> variationbooleanDefine if the attribute can be used as variation.YesYesfalse
attributes –> optionsarrayList of available term names of the attribute.YesYes
default_attributesarrayDefaults variation attributes.YesYes
default_attributes –> idintegerAttribute ID.YesYes
default_attributes –> namestringAttribute name.YesYes
default_attributes –> optionstringSelected attribute term name.YesYes
variationsarrayList of variations IDs.YesNo
grouped_productsarrayList of grouped products ID.YesNo
menu_orderintegerMenu order, used to custom sort products.YesYes
meta_dataarrayMeta data.YesYes
meta_data –> idintegerMeta ID.YesNo
meta_data –> keystringMeta key.YesYes
meta_data –> valuemixedMeta value.YesYes